AnnaPaul and the Bearded Lady

July 27, 2016 by

BlogAnnaPaul I’m hoping that musicians get a bit of extra cash in their appearances at the various farmers’ markets around the city; they certainly add to our delight.

AnnaPaul and the Bearded Lady is a group that I’ve been around for some years, and I like them. They play “retro music” on interesting instruments. And Anna sings. And wears very cheerful outfits. Her clothes (and hair) cheer me up almost as much as the music.

They are perfect for the farmers market. They play at the center of the big long central aisle, along the prepared food tents and just up from the coffee cart:


Anna really does play a mean trombone, and people get transfixed by her singing:


Of course, there were a couple more musicians in the group — whose names, alas, I don’t know. The guitar player was good fun, and the tuba player made me laugh. I didn’t get a really good photo of him — there’s something inherently wonderful about a tuba player.




Even food couldn’t distract their listeners — or at least not for a moment or two.


And where’s the bearded lady? Well, Anna explained that she’s getting a bit elderly, so stayed home in her bed that morning. Schnauzers apparently need their sleep:-)

jou, (in a continuation of last Saturday’s Hollywood Farmers’ Market)


Front garden in July

July 26, 2016 by

front garden july blog

This is a view toward the south across the front (east side) of our house and the Weatherbys’ front lawn. The lilies beyond the geraniums are in bloom. Aside from the geraniums, the red flowers here and there are crocosmos and bee balm. It’s been an unusually cool and wet July, and all of the plants seem to approve.

Farmers’ Market in Late July: People, People, People

July 25, 2016 by


Another class assignment, based around photojournalism.¬† “Go to an event and photograph a scene there.” So, the biggest event of our week is the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. And the child above can testify that I was there.

Although the usual fruits and veggies commanded our attention, I let Jer lust after the food while I people-watched and snapped photos:



The sign reads “Sweet Italian”¬† and I thought he was a sweetie.


This pastry vendor had a hat that she used in expressive ways. And she sometimes did little dance moves. Alas, I could only catch her like this, with her pastry counter door open, making for an artifact which wouldn’t go well in photo class.




She tasted the peaches, she talked her mother into buying them, and she considered slurping one up immediately. Then she saw I was taking photos and she went into “I’m not having any of that stuff” mode.

Of course, not everyone at the Farmers’ Market is charmed by the scene. This wine seller has the most photogenic face I’ve seen in a long time. He also doesn’t sell a lot of wine or even give away a lot of wine samples at 9 AM. I have been known to try to cheer him up, but my capacity for wine at 9 AM — well, it isn’t useful to a wine seller.




There’s not more you could ask for.

Except for the other two blogs I have on this subject, which will come, soon.

Back driveway

July 22, 2016 by

July flowers back driveway

This is what the west end of the house looks like in mid-July 2016. June’s studio, at least a bit of it, is to the right. The tree with a Treegator at its base in the lower left is a persimmon planted two years ago for us by Friends of Trees. The brightest bloomers¬† beneath the persimmon are zinnias. Despite being scorched by unusual heat in May, the tall lilies against the house by the window recovered during a moderate June and an unusually cool and wet July. The bunches of yellow flowers in front of the lilies are coreopsis. There’s an elderberry in the mix and some colorful annuals along the front of the bed.

The Kids Next Door

July 20, 2016 by


We live next to a young family with two lively boys. They use our driveway and walkways as motorways, and my studio as a hide-n-seek obstacle; they entertain me while sketching in my sketch books and telling me stories; in general they cheer our daily lives. So, when my online photography class called for a photo of children and/or pets, I knew where to go.

When I first approached their parents about taking photos of them, Beckham was out of town. So I started with Brighton. However, I had to work to get a photo for class.

I got a lot of goofy faces:

but he slipped up once and smiled at me.



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