Hello world! June and Jer are Here

Southeastmain is now on WordPress, and june and jer are back in business.

Shiva, she who destroys and out of the ashes re-forms, is our first visitor.

So, welcome. Today is Memorial Day (Decoration Day, as we used to call it); the green May foliage of Portland Oregon is swamping the house, and I’m thinking of painting. So onward and upward, with the arts and with the lives.

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3 Responses to Hello world! June and Jer are Here

  1. june says:

    Ah Terry, I’m going to check you out and see what you’ve done. I’m thinking cleaner lines on this blog will be good, so I’m still fussing with changes.


    You really have an acute eye for detail — you see why I depend on you for proofing at SAQAU.

    Let’s see — bringing over Typepad archives — WordPress claims you can, but when I looked closely at the process, it really means transferring the text only to your desktop and then going through various shenanigans to get it into a WP compatible program and uploading it. Some of the instructions were more techie than my brain wanted to deal with. In addition, I was disappointed that the photos, which are really the heart of our blog, wouldn’t transfer, and that doing the other was a honking big hassle. So eventually the Typepad archives will disappear into the great archive in the sky.

    I’m not sure I like the new header, but once we had decided to make the change, Jer wanted to move on with it (something about loose ends was giving him the willies) so I just did it. But I just realized that I might be able to transfer the other header pretty much intact by right clicking and saving. The sizes could be different, which makes problems, but now, you see what you’ve done — got me into another half day project

    The one word title is typical of the birdbrain doing the design (ie — me), and I will bring it up with the management team to see if it’s acceptable. I got used to running the title together as one word because of the URL — in such ways are we all corrupted by the internet.

    Thanks for checking in, guys. It’s clear that it is easier to comment on WP — I love it.


  2. Karen says:

    Looking good! I just updated my Google reader. I miss the rest of your house, but it’s a nice change. I noticed you have a one word name now. Subtle.

    Just curious. Are you able, if you wish, to bring over your typepad archives?


  3. terry grant says:

    I’m here too. Just updated my link. I like the new look. Lighter, brighter. You opened a window!


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