A Green Outback

Jer and I have returned from our travels — we were in eastern Oregon for a few days, searching for sun.

This was how the highway looked as we headed out. After some hours of driving around Mt. Hood, we came to this:

It wasn’t exactly sun, but the mist was rising. And when it did, what astonished us were the green hills. The last time we saw the hills around Fossil and the Clarno/Mitchell region, the hills were silken gold and beige. This time they were mellow green — not the heavy sultry green of western Oregon, but a lighter, easier-to-breathe-through green of the high desert in spring.

These are hills above Fossil, Oregon, which was where we spent most of our travel time. Fossil is near the Clarno unit of the John Day Fossil Beds, and just across the range from the Painted HIlls Unit of the Fossil Beds. So we got to hang out at old haunts in new weather. And some new haunts too, about which we will regale you over this coming week.

I painted 7 paintings (six were 12 x 16 and one was 18 x 24″) and brought home four of them. The others went to good homes. More on that later, also However, I failed to get photos of the final state of some that I left behind, so they may be missing from the discussion. –June

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