Abstract or Landscape

At a friend’s house Saturday night, we admired her newly painted wall, adorned by her latest painting.

The painting seemed perfectly unclouded with questions to me — full of light and color and perfect for the muted wall. However, Jer wanted to know why the proportions worked — and how Willa, the painter, decided on them. No one could answer why or even what those proportions are, but Willa said she arrived at them “intuitively.” If it had been me, the answer would have been something like “that’s the size canvases I had on hand.”

Then the discussion devolved onto whether the painting was abstract or representational. The answer, we all agreed, was yes.

Willa agreed to have her photo taken, as artist with asparagus.

I couldn’t decide whether she was thinking of the asparagus as a brush or a cigar. However, it didn’t last long — sometimes an asparagus spear is just food. –June

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One Response to Abstract or Landscape

  1. Sheila says:

    Yeah Willa! You’re right, it DOES work, and seems to in defiance of conventional logic. And asking which camp it falls into, deciding both just points up my confusion over the issue. No wonder I have a hard time deciding what category to place some of my pieces!

    Love this – strong unexpected colors, lovely curves.


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