Filling Up

The studio is starting to bulge with blanks, toned-blanks, started paintings, mid-way paintings, paintings being assessed as to whether they are done, paintings grouped for potential display, and varnished paintings. This doesn’t mention materials and easels and carts and radios and framing stuff.

This is part of my holding space for a tiny exhibit in eastern Oregon that should be happening in August (ignore the abstracts to the left). The exhibit is for the Oregon Paleolands Institute and so I’m doing landscapes, filling in holes from earlier landscape work. It’s been fun to revisit the old places, if only in photographs and memory.

This is to the left of the photo above and is the place where I put paintings to dry (the gas heater blows them nicely in the winters) and to await further development. Some of them are placed there simply waiting over-painting. I try to have the good candidates for recycling readily available, so when inspiration strikes, I can jump in.

And across the room are the toned blanks for next week’s workshop, and three paintings on canvas that have been varnished, drying under the breeze from my ceiling fan. This final varnishing step was a new one for me,and I felt a bit of anxiety, since one of the paintings has already been sold. The little painting to the right was my trial run. The varnish, a Gamblin product, went on like a dream and didn’t even smell particularly bad. So now I have about 5 more paintings, a year or more old, that I feel confident in varnishing. –June

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One Response to Filling Up

  1. Willa says:

    I can’t wait to choose my painting!!!


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