More fossils from Fossil

I didn’t have to dig in the mud to find these Fossil fossils. — Jer

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4 Responses to More fossils from Fossil

  1. Dee Bodell says:

    oh, my dear friends! how good to hear from you both. i always enjoy visiting your site. june’s prowess with paint and bristles continues to amaze. it is all about process, no? jer, i love your shots and ponder how you can work your alchemy on rusting hulks or ramshackle sites, and turn out omigosh images.

    my link to oregon has been transferred to n. cali; tim has relocated to sonoma county where he is chef chef at a restaurant in healdsburg. long days. great local food. the brothers are happy to be together. wedding in mexico next month for middle son, justin, and gf dana, of sebastopol, cali.

    i will miss portland airport… a favorite…. and the missed opportunity of seeing you after this 47 year absence, jer…. so you and june need to pass thru philly one of these years.

    best to you both. keep on keeping on.



  2. Jer says:

    Hi Dee. Good to hear from you.


  3. Dee Bodell says:

    Gosh, Jer. You have always had an eye for vintage cars. 😉 Best to you and June.


  4. June says:

    Ummmmm, nice! J.


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