Paintings from the Gorge and from the Waterfront

So now I have to show you something of what I managed to do over the last week besides lollygagging in the sunshine:

Remember the truck? Well, here is its rendition in oil paint.

The painting is titled Mt. Hood in Full Sunshine, (12 x 16, oil on board.) How long did it take you to see Mt. Hood?

I may render the truck a bit more clearly, not so much sunk into nature — or I may just let it subside further into the grasses.

That was last Tuesday. On Wednesday, we were at the Portland waterfront, as I reported. Our station was almost immediately under the I-405 freeway as it rises to become the Fremont Bridge. We were in a largish wasteland between bridge stanchions and new condos. We scattered out in an area of dust and desolation in which some hardy weeds straggled about, bemusing the observant.

Here’s one painting of the scene:

The Fremont Bridge at Nw 15th and Front Avenue, 12 x 16, oil on board

This painting was done in the morning, when the shade of the bridge floated over our painting spots and the river breeze kept us comfortable. By afternoon the breeze had turned hot, and the sun had moved around to the west. Trying to find relief from the sun and wind, I moved in close to the bridge:

Fremont Bridge Stanchion, oil on board, 12 x 16.

Willa insists that I darken the stanchion and bring in the bits of magenta into the shadows. I may do that. Or I may keep it looking wholly unlike the rest of the painting. Truth is sometimes stronger than color balance. –June

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2 Responses to Paintings from the Gorge and from the Waterfront

  1. June says:

    Thanks, Lynn,

    I like the Fremont Bridge myself. I think it may be the best one I did during the week, although Jef liked the Rocks at Government Cove better. But he likes near-abstracts with lots of paint. I’ve sharpend the “Stanchion” since I photographed it and am now working on the “other” Fremont Bridge– it’s a bit of a monster.


  2. Lynn says:

    I couldn’t tear myself away from ‘The Freemont Bridge’. I so enjoy your work.


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