The Fremont Bridge: The Penultimate Study

Remember this photo from last plein air site of my painting workshop?

The following final two days of the workshop were set aside for working in the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s painting studio. We were free to paint whatever we liked, hopefully inspired by the previous 3 days on site. So I went home with my two plein air pieces, a head full of sound and ideas, and a camera full of images. I printed out a bunch of photos from the bridge site, and on Thursday, I collaged them into something like this:

I say “something like,” because after I was finished on Friday I dismantled the collage, and when I got home I couldn’t quite remember how it went back together. No matter — it didn’t make sense in its original confirmation, either.

By 3:45 on Thursday, I had accomplished this:

I was not at all happy with the swooshy fluff. Jef, the Teach, made a couple of suggestions, and, with the help of a big brush, by 4 PM, I had changed it to this:

Much better, if I do have to say so myself. I worked most of Friday on this version and am still working on it. Its size has slowed me considerably. It’s 18 x 36 inches, and I have had to remember to put a lot more paint on my palette — and find the brushes that work on canvas rather than board. But it’s coming along and if I’m really lucky, I’ll be able to show you a more finished version by Friday.

A quotation I ran across the other day seemed appropriate to this particular painting: “If it can be described, it can be forgiven for being what it is and made loveable even.” We’ll see. –June

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2 Responses to The Fremont Bridge: The Penultimate Study

  1. June says:

    Hi Lynn,

    George Jetson, indeed! and You made me smile. June


  2. Lynn says:

    I was very happy with the swooshy fluff. ‘Meet George Jetson…’


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