Rummaging through my Photos

Some odd photos that I like but haven’t got a narrative to attach:

The underside of the Thurman Bridge, over Macleay Park.

Bridge over the Tualitin River (This one needs to be painted, methinks).

Sky with telephone wire. –June

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2 Responses to Rummaging through my Photos

  1. Janet says:



  2. Sheila says:

    I see so many interesting cloud patterns and have my own collection of photos of them, yet can’t figure out a good way to render them in cloth. I think painting may be the only way to do it, unless one is exceedingly clever with applique.

    The first shot reminds me of an Escher drawing, one of his “impossible worlds” one, only your bridge girders are not impossible! Cubic Space Division can be seen here:

    I love the angle and framing of that middle shot. Yes, it needs painting!


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