Painting Expedition etc. #4

We spent a couple of days in Condon and grew rather fond of its main street. This is perhaps the most charming photo I took:

I liked the way the street falls away in the photo above, as well as the view of the old buildings that have been restored.

Another photo of downtown Condon shows the Hotel Condon and its proximity to the Liberty Theater and the Sweeney Mortuary. This is the same town that in 1903 placed its bank and saloon next to one another. It does make a person think:

Across the street from the Hotel Condon is a Powell’s Book Store and flower shop. We weren’t in town when it was open, so alas, we missed a singular opportunity. I don’t think there’s another branch of Powell’s in all of eastern Oregon.


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One Response to Painting Expedition etc. #4

  1. terry grant says:

    My grandmother was born and grew up in Condon. She talked about it as if it was a ghost town where no one lived anymore. I have never been there, but should go to see it for myself after hearing her talk about growing up there. I’m glad to see these pictures. It looks to be quite far from desserted.


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