White Bird Canyon

The climb out of the Salmon River watershed in Idaho takes a long time. Near the top, the canyon below looks like this. — Jer

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4 Responses to White Bird Canyon

  1. Janet says:

    Are those “ripples” from the ancient lake emptying?


  2. june says:

    I shudder to think that we were riding on the gently curved “new” road — it was one of the longest uphill, back and forth climbs I’ve ever been on in a car. Truly impressive. I can appreciate what it could have been before being improved. We saw other roads (maybe versions of the new one) that went back and forth like a scared skiier, traversing the slope, hoping for a bit of level ground.


  3. Carla says:

    My most vivd memories of “White Bird” are from my teen-age years. After attending 4-H Congress in Moscow we would head home to eastern Idaho in a bus down the mountains including this one. It always was a very scary ride. The trip never included going up the mountain because we always went to Moscow by going up from Blackfoot through Montana and then across the panhandle and down to Moscow. The bus drivers obviously had a great respect for that pass.


  4. terry grant says:

    “White bird hill” used to be the most treachorous and dangerous stretch of highway in Idaho and often impassable in the winter. It was a narrow road with switchback after switchback. I remember having to stop to throw up at the side of the road on one trip north when I was pregnant! A few years ago Ray and I made that trip again and were pleasantly surprised by the “new” (it could be 20 years old for all we know) wide road that has passing lanes and wide shoulders and curves gently as it makes the climb.


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