On with the Show (of Tidied Files)

Now that I’ve shown all my vacation photos (Jer has a few more to go, I suspect), I’m sure you are all agog to know what I’m doing with my leisure time.

Well, I began a fiber piece for an invitational, due in early fall. I thought I’d give myself lots of time….

I’m still tweaking the painting studies from the plein aire sessions in the little eastern Oregon towns. They are coming along.

Terry Grant and I had a tiny art date. She gave me lessons in color as it contributes to liveliness, which I went right home and put to good use on my current batch of tweakable paintings. Thanks, Terry. I don’t think she even knew she had an avid student listening to her talk about the art she was seeing.

But, most importantly, I’ve been cleaning and rearranging.

I have set out about 10 oil paintings for local passersby to take away for free. This is a surprisingly efficient way to dispose of the paintings I can’t quite bring myself to throw out. The paintings disappear — who knows, maybe they show up in a garage sale down the street — and I feel lighter. And I haven’t had to really pitch the work into the trash, which action always gives me a stomach ache.

Then I cleared off a wire storage rack in the basement and installed it in the studio. I haven’t finished filing the paintings (they need sorted — the good; the mediocre; the awful; and some nuanced categories in-between), but even without that sorting the general pile has been diminished.

I’m blaming this spurt of tidiness on Del, whose containers of sorted fabrics gave me pangs of conscience. Well, that and the fact that I brought 16 new paintings home to a studio that was already beginning to feel cramped. –June

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One Response to On with the Show (of Tidied Files)

  1. Del says:

    I seemed to have started a landslide in reorganization as quite a few people have written to tell me they have started their own “digging out”. It is a good thing and I am happy to take the ‘blame’. I didn’t know what dire straits I was in until I started this seemingly unending process. However, I’m taking three days off for the inaugural Quilt Festival in Long Beach and a further two days (at least) off to lay in bed eating bonbons and reading movie magazines (I will actually be sleeping). I can’t remember being this tired in the last eighteen years! Past time for me to be in bed and I will be – right after I hang the clothes that are in the washer on hangers to dry. Yawwwwwn. Love.


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