More Paintings from the Outback

Heppner, Oregon, Courthouse, oil on board, 12 x 16.

This was painted from a hillside that was close to to the Heppner Hospital. People drive very slowly around hospitals. Or maybe it is the squiggley-wiggley steepness of the road itself that made them go slowly around the bends. Regardless, it was a pleasant place to park myself. I’m still trying to decide about the little house on the hillside behind the courthouse. It draws my attention, but whether that’s good or bad is difficult to tell. This isn’t quite finished — I have to wait for some of the paint to dry before I complete it.

The Lochsa Lodge and Phyllis (the motorcycle), 12 x 16, oil on board

The Lochsa Lodge at Dusk, 12 x 16, oil on board

These last two are from our stay at the Lochsa Lodge in Idaho. After the high desert of eastern Oregon, painting these greens was something of a relief.

The painting of the Lodge at dusk was being done while we chatted with our neighbor, the tandem bicyclists, who were taking a break from their cross country ride. We drank wine, traded route descriptions, talked to Echo, the 9 year old who was fascinated with art, and drank more wine. I had to redo quite a bit of the painting the next day. It isn’t quite finished — I want to add figures in the interior of the lit building. Jer linked to the website of the bicycling couple, who managed to catch a photo of the painter painting.

It seems that the Lochsa route is popular with two kinds of cyclists, motor and bi- and we saw plenty of both during this trip. –June

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4 Responses to More Paintings from the Outback

  1. June says:

    Thanks, Guys,

    You may like to know that the little white house in the Heppner painting has been moved and made smaller. And the Lochsa Lodge with Phyllis the motorcycle has had its yellow brightened a bit. I found Winsor Newton’s Indian Yellow and suddenly am enthralled with it.

    I’m finding that no oil painting is done until it’s sold.


  2. terry grant says:

    I love these. Not sure I want to see people in the windows–that warm light is so inviting by itself.


  3. Gerrie says:

    I love the golden hill in Heppner. Reminds me of my CA summer days.


  4. Lynn says:

    The lochsa lodge paintings are especially nice.


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