The Ione Grain Elevator and Some Revisions

The only painting from our recent trip through tiny eastern Oregon towns that doesn’t need reworked is the Ione Grain Elevator. It feels almost complete to me, like a plein air watercolor.

Ione Grain Elevator, 12 x 16, oil on board

I keep working on the other paintings. I’ve added staffage to the Crossroads (Carnagie) Art Center in Baker City, as well as toning down a bit of black that seemed obtrusive:

Here’s the original after its first studio reworking:

And here’s the revision:

The figures will be more delineated, but they are at least sketched in with the brush.

Adding figures becomes an philosophical question for me. Do I keep the absence of figures that most of the original drafts show? Do I include a Hopper-esque single isolated figure? or do I opt for communal, community groups? I am taking it case by case — the grain elevator has been long deserted, and Ione was tiny and quiet except for grain trucks. But Baker City was more populated; a couple of people stopped to chat up the painter. Besides, I like the idea that this old library-cum-art-center has kids keeping it lively. So the grain elevator is devoid of human life, but the art center features skate boarders. –June

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2 Responses to The Ione Grain Elevator and Some Revisions

  1. terry grant says:

    Oddly, I like it better without the people. I think I can better enjoy the building and the sky and those brilliant hills without the staffage. Sorry.


  2. Del says:

    I like the addition of people. And skateboarders are sort of a sign of the times everywhere in the world these days. Del


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