PNCA Hallway Exhibit

You know how when you walk through an art college’s corridors, student work is hung everywhere? Well, PNCA’s Continuing Education class exhibit was hung on the walls outside the Continuing Ed offices. As I explained to Gerrie in my last comment, that hallway can be found ‘way back in the administrative bowels of the Pacific Northwest College of Art. You have to brave the “No Public Access” sign and then follow the salmon-colored signs with arrows pointing to “Rm 128” to get to the actual hallway. (I don’t know what’s in Rm 128. I only know that that’s how I found my way around the maze.)

Here’s Jef Gunn, the instructor, and a couple of classmates, making serious decisions about how to hang the work.

Our fearless leader, Pat, works out the logistics.

Jane, a classmate, and Tara, the administrative assistant at Continuing Ed, enjoying each other’s company.

In spite of (or perhaps because of) the tight quarters and difficulties of hanging decisions, we had a jolly reunion. Patrick offered us his astonishingly good coffee and it was fun to see the work spiffed up and hanging. The Continuing Ed folks are casual about their walls; no decision about a date for taking down the art had been made, and Tara asked if we needed the work for Christmas presents. But we decided on October 8th as a reasonable take-down date.

I’m authorized to tell you that if you really want to see the exhibit, you can pass the “No Public Access” sign, and if you follow the coffee smells wafting through the halls, you’ll probably find it. In a pinch, look for Rm 128. –June

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