Last week was full of art pondering and art socializing.

These are folks in my painting critique group, who met at my house to look at each other’s work. The 1st photos is of Jane and the second is of Jerry, Susan, Helen, and Dave. Jane seems to be chuckling a bit at the others’ deep discussion of Dave’s painting. Dave paints big abstract landscapes (plein air on slabs of plywood, 4 x 8 feet!) so we gathered at the back of the formal dining room (aka June’s office) and looked at the paintings about 25 or so feet away at the far end of the formal living room (aka the textile studio).

At this point, Dave was explaining what he suddenly saw in his painting that needed changed. Susan and I thought he was crazy, since we liked what was there already. We oooed and aaaed, but were unsuccessful — the next day we got an email with a photo of the new version of the painting we thought was just fine.

This is Sharon from the drawing class at the 100th Monkey, where I spent every morning of last week. Sharon is starting architecture school next fall and decided to brush up her drawing skills. The other student was Alice, who is going to the Art Institute of Portland and works for the Architectural Heritage Center. The instructor was Christine Yun, an architect with Carleton Hart Architecture. And then there was me, the painter of wonky houses. I draw as wonky as I paint, but we all had fun. –June

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