Woodpecker in tree

I’m sure about “sky”, “tree”, “bird”. I think it’s a woodpecker. Don’t know what kind of woodpecker. Don’t know what kind of tree. — Jer

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2 Responses to Woodpecker in tree

  1. Jay says:


    We always referred to them as futile peckerheads for their practice of seeking sustenance in twigs. Last year a woodpecker would visit the house and rattle away on the clapboards – maybe the same guy.

    Along the same lines, I was working outside the other evening and was startled by a great screeching flurry just off to my left. I looked up to see a hawk in a hurry to leave. It seemed empty clawed as it flew. One possibility is that a squirrel or bird was watching me on the nearby fence, an unusually bold animal. Another is that the hawk mistook my red cap for a prey item and realized its mistake at the last moment. You be the judge.


  2. Del says:

    It looks like it might be a Sycamore tree, but I can’t see enough of the woodpecker to tell you what it is. Sorry.


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