Bell-shaped mushroom

Or is it hat-shaped? — Jer

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6 Responses to Bell-shaped mushroom

  1. Francie Clavin says:

    Can somebody help me with this website this is never happened to me before it’s saying that I said it in duplicate and yet it didn’t even post my original comment


  2. Francie Clavin says:

    I don’t know what that mushroom is but I actually found one this morning that looks identical in shape to that ..except it is yellowish ..deep yellow..

    … it had a yellow powder.. golden yellow powder all over it but it was totally upside down ..literally shaped like an upside-down Bell

    The Roots were growing out of the small bottom part.
    I’m trying to identify it and I’m having problems doing so there anybody there that knows what this is.


  3. terry grant says:

    It’s a shaggy mane mushroom. These are edible and tasty, but this one is past its prime. Once they begin to open into the bell shape the gills underneath turn black and slimy, which you can see on this one’s edges. I love the way they look–great photo!


  4. Del says:

    Bell shaped, I think. A hat that shape and depth would come down to at least the tip of the nose on most people. It is beautiful with the shading from the tan on the top to the flared edge of black. Keep them coming, I do enjoy your photos.


  5. Janet says:

    Wonderful silver & gold. It has that clear autumn light I love.


  6. Lynn says:

    Wow! How incredibly mesmerizing. Thank you!


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