A sunny day

Just as we had prepared ourselves for the long rainy winter, Friday turned up balmy and sun-filled. I took the bus to the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where Lucinda Parker had a big show in the Commons. I couldn’t resist photographing the first scenes of autumn, as well as a neighborhood work-in-progress.

The #15 bus stop at 14th and Morrison has been radically upgraded from its former trashy self. While we still mourn the loss of Kienow’s Grocery store and find the shop replacements (high end wine and stereo equipment stores, slightly spendy restaurant, yoga studio) a bit hoity-toity, the landscaping is a definite improvement. The parking lot is surrounded by these beautiful grasses and lush foliage.

And just down the street, at 12th and Morrison, the Plaid Pantry is having its faded Buckman Neighborhood mural replaced. This has been fascinating to watch. The artist is Joe Cotter, who has been painting murals for 20 years. The photo was taken from the bus window, which accounts for the odd reflections and surrounds.

A description of the what is intended with the Mural appeared in the “Buckman Voice”, the newsletter of the Buckman Neighborhood Association: “The composition of the Buckman mural is anchored on both ends by the Hawthrone and Bunside bridges. The Center of the mural will depict early Buckman in sepia tones and it will transition to full color as it moves outward in both time and space.”  My next venture out into the world will definitely include spending time with this mural.

Walking through the center city’s art district, The Pearl, I couldn’t help but notice this door and artifact:

Portland’s Pearl district, even while spendy, is always a pleasure to visit. And art at the PNCA Commons was fabulous.

Lucinda Parker’s abstracts are huge, at least 4 x 8 and often bigger, and worth spending time with. I had the place pretty much to myself and got to sit at various of the Commons tables scattered around the open space and give the art my full attention. Much of it was borrowed from the Laura Russo Gallery, so this link covers a lot of the pieces. “Updraft” worth a number of returns, and on the the web, the “Pseudotsuga” reminds me of Emily Carr. If you get a chance, go ahead and let yourself fall into the art. –June

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3 Responses to A sunny day

  1. June says:

    Olga and Sheila,

    I saw Parker’s work after I published about edges, so I looked closely at them. It amazes me that she manages to have large, complexly painted, but clearly readable shapes as well as complex and fascinating edges. I’m thinking and thinking about the part of painting. The complexity of colors within the shapes and the way they weave are also wonderful.

    Well, I’m simply a Lucinda Parker fan — what can I say?


  2. Sheila says:

    Yes, this looks like the type of work I could definitely lose myself in. Thanks for the link.


  3. Olga says:

    It is interesting after your previous post that Luncinda Parker’s paintings are so full of edges. Thank you for the introduction to her work. I imagine that they have some considerable impact in reality because they pack quite a punch online.


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