New Bar on the Avenue

I went rambling the other day, mostly to see how the mural on Plaid Pantry was coming along, and so I had to brave 12th Avenue to get there. !2th Avenue isn’t all that bad — and it does divert traffic from our neighborhood — but it isn’t really a place I walk along very much. For example, one of the big items, at the corner of 12th and Morrison, is this:

“Auto Specialists” in our biking town! — well, there are definitely more autos than bikes in Portland, no matter how hard we try.

Another long-standing place on 12th near our house is the Basement Pub:

I grant you that the ivy is a nice touch, but it’s apparently dark and smoky — and smells like it when you walk by.

But just up the block is a place I haven’t been into — or even by — until recently:

This is called “Roadside Attractions.” I can’t remember what was there before the foliage, but now it’s a bar and restaurant with the most wonderful foliage courtyard. A friend from out of town is visiting on Thursday, and I’m hoping we can go inside, just to see what’s up. According to local blogs, the owner lives in a house attached to the structure.  “Awakenings” — a counseling, QI Gong, Tai Chi, massage place — is right next door. They seem like a good match.

Here’s a side view of Roadside Attractions:

And here’s a closeup of the glorious grape leaves you see starting to enclose the sidewalk:

I’m grateful for the excuse to publish another photo of fall color. —June

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