Abstracts with Details

As I was resizing photos for this blog, I accidentally cropped to this detail. I was instantly interested in seeing more details of the work on the computer screen. (My screen shot at home was larger and clearer than I can make it on the web). And it’s true even though the original paintings are small — 12 x 16″ — and so could be seen fairly well as computerized images.

Here’s the full version:

Forest, 12 x 16″, oil on board

And another:

Sky, 12 x 16″, Oil on board

One of the abstracts doesn’t look all that wonderful in detail: this is the full painting

Landscape 2, 12 x 16″, Oil on canvas

And another looks so dreadful in its detail that I need to reexamine it — it might need lots more paint (or a better photo).

I think that if I ever got around to selling reproductions of my work, I would do so with details of the paintings rather than the whole. And while I know that looking at one’s work in black and white is sometimes helpful to understanding value, it didn’t dawn on me until now that looking at details on the computer screen could tell me more about the painting itself. I’m tempted to paint over these paintings again, striving to match the detailed version. Or perhaps, I just need to do a whole new set of work.–June

By the way, I don’t recommend Roadside Attractions (see yesterday’s blog entry) for drinks and/or food, even if its foliage is wonderful. I’m glad the foliage is helping to soak up various pollutants and making 12th Avenue attractive. But it wasn’t as comfortable as I had hoped.

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