Friday’s Paintings

Friday was October 31. In some places, that means Halloween. In western Oregon, it means rain.

So, it was October 31; it was raining. My pal, Jane, wanted to paint outside. So we headed straight down Main Street to the Eastbank Esplanade, where I-5 roars overhead, next to the river. It’s a great rain shelter for transients, commuters, and plein air painters.

Hawthorne Bridge in Rain, 12 x 16″, Oil on board

We painted about an hour, took a break, and — the sun came out.  It was necessary to start in on another board.

Hawthorne Bridge After Rain, 12 x 16″ Oil on board

I moved out into the sun after I painted the first board, so the scene is slightly different. The Esplanade at Main Street has these lovely stone walls, backed by foliage, that open to the pathway that rambles along the river. The Esplanade walkway is sometimes under the Interstate, sometimes above or beside it, and at one point, it goes right out on pontoons onto the river itself to escape I-5’s devouring roar. The path is a favorite with me; I’m also glad I got to use I-5 as something more than a transit route.

Both paintings were part of a post on Art and Perception this week, although the ones shown there are the raw versions. But I think both these are just about ready to be signed, dated, and put into the finished pile. –June

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