The Chute-Underwood Clan

Internet friend Steve sent us the following photo, with a comment that said something like — hey, Jer and June have made the NY Times:

chutelrgAnyone who knows me knows that isn’t me – I haven’t worn a skirt in more years than I can count. On the other hand, the boots, well, maybe….

Actually, these folks are Carolyn and Michael Chute, of rural Maine. Carolyn just released as novel, ““The School on Heart’s Content Road.” You can read the NY Times story here.

And Carolyn Chute’s website (maintained by Grove/Atlantic) with ordering information for this novel and for “The Beans of Egypt, Maine,” which is perhaps her best known writing, can be found here.

The Underwoods, who are thinking of taking up wood chopping, can be found on southeast main, as usual. –June

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3 Responses to The Chute-Underwood Clan

  1. Jay Hoffman says:

    Aw chute! I knew those people the moment I set eyes on them: they were those folks what were in that there news paper. Then my suspicions were confirmed .

    I guessed the photo in the NY Times wasn’t Jer, at least, as I don’t remember Jer with his heels together in that military kind of way. Writing is a great way to pass a Maine winter. Me, I prefer the Bar Harborish tourist trap tidal zone kind of Maine.


  2. terry grant says:

    This made me laugh out loud! Of course that’s not you, but in some slightly off-kilter parallel universe—-hmmmm.


  3. Del says:

    And surely neither of you would carry a gun! Would you? Well, if you lived in Maine you might have to!! Love, Del


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