The Turkish-American Cultural Center — a painting

The other day I showed my photos of the Rosegarden Turkish-American Cultural Center. Here’s the somewhat finished painting from that adventure. As usual I reserve the right to say it might not be finished, that I might take a brush to it again some day. But today, it feels sort of done


I found myself imagining what the building must seem like to the children playing basketball outside and realized that while I see it (in real life) as a modest, nondescript building, for the kids, it probably seems big and glorious, with all that parking lot to run around in and a basketball court not too seriously dominated by Big Kids.

I think I need to add the fellow with the fedora, who just got off the bus. Hats, in these paintings, are very good for finessing the scene. I caught him in a photo, so he shouldn’t be too hard to capture in painting. –June

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