Open House, Some Paintings

My grandchild came by to help me get ready for the open house/sale on Saturday and noticed that the paintings shown below, on the west wall, had a good rhythm of blue skies as they were arranged:


This was unfortunate, since I intended to take them down to give more prominence to the paintings to their left, on the south wall:

southwall1Trust new (and young) eyes to see what I hadn’t consciously noticed before. So now I have to find a similarly sized space (a bit smaller in length will do) for the blue skies series that doesn’t interfere with the paintings above, which I have become exceedingly fond of. This is the SE Alder and 6th series, where the large studio painting on the bottom, is a surreal compilation of my experiences (the four on top) painting that place.

On the other end of the south wall is another set of paintings that belong to another specific place. This is the McLoughlin series:

southwall2There are more paintings that belong with this group, but they will be placed elsewhere. The middle of the south wall was behind a table that I was too exhausted to move, so you’ll have to wait to see the Interstate Bridges series, which also contains a surreal tidbit.

Of course, you’ve seen all these before, but it’s been fun for me to see them placed together, in a grouping. As the grandchild remarked, “You can’t take just one — you need to have the whole group.”

Sounds good to me! –June

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2 Responses to Open House, Some Paintings

  1. June says:

    Thanks, Sheila. I didn’t sell any of the surreal pieces but people admired them, sometimes in a bit of puzzlement. That was fun because I got to explain — and then tell stories. I can’t wait to start in on the next batch — I’ve started day-dreaming about the compilation of paintings about buildings just a few blocks away.


  2. Sheila says:

    The surreal compilation is wonderful, and made more so by showing the reference paintings. No wonder you are so fond of this set.


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