Open House 2: More Paintings

I finally moved the messy table from in front of the middle of the space and so was able to photograph the central area of that south wall of photos. The central area focuses primarily on another surrealistic studio painting, this one of the Fremont (interstate) Bridge in NW Portland. The bigger (18 x 36″) surreal painting is surrounded by plein air studies. (There are also a couple of extraneous paintings in the photo — you can puzzle out which they are for yourself  <snort>):


Below is a version of two of the three sections of the south wall. The track lights make the paintings on the right take a warm hue, whereas the color-corrected fluorescents are much cooler. That pretty much follows the “temperatures” of the paintings themselves.


The north wall is smaller in hanging space because it also has the microwave, the rolling cart for plein air, a set of shelves, the computer, and the textile wall. But here are four paintings that are hanging on the shelves:

4abstractsw(The computer and remaindered paintings are behind the four, which in reality actually don’t look quite so beleaguered. Photographs emphasize clutter!)

And then there’s what remains to be done:

northwallmesswI’m still labeling and putting up wall signs for the textiles (on the white part of the wall), although everything else on these walls is finished. And the paintings on the floor, which I sit there so they catch the heat from the wall furnace and dry before spring arrives, are all put away. So the studio looked a bit more tidy when I left it Wednesday night. A bit more.

The Open House and Holiday Sale will be all day Saturday, 9 — 4, at my studio on the 14th Street side of the corner of SE 14th and Main. Please do drop by and say hello if you are in the city. Jim Orman and Elaine Treadwell will be also exhibiting sculpture and fine woodworking, which is one reason why I’m already trying to tidy things. There are hours left before the doors open, but some time has to be left for the guest artists to set up. –June

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3 Responses to Open House 2: More Paintings

  1. kathy says:

    Hi June,
    I wanted to come by Saturday, but something came up. I would like to come and see your work sometime, as I really like it. My email is Please let me know if I can come by sometime, and when would be good.


  2. June says:

    Thanks, Margaret, It’s a bit emptier today (Sunday, the day after the Open House). And now it’s all clean and tidy so I can get to work again. Oh cheers. I miss my painting.


  3. margaret says:

    It’s lookin’ good, June!


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