New Focus at Coos Art Museum

The Coos Art Museum New Focus exhibit opens tonight in Coos Bay Oregon. New Focus is one of three quilted art exhibits going on simultaneously at the Coos Museum; the other two are Icons & Imagery, an exhibit of European Quilt art initiated by the Studio Art Quilt Association, and Stitch, contemporary work from five Oregon textile artists. The museum is spacious and has a number of galleries, so three exhibits, even large ones, can inhabit it simultaneously.

My piece is one of 50 invitationals in the New Focus exhibit. Each piece is mounted on 16 x 16″ canvas, which pulls the diverse art of the individual pieces into a unified whole. These small pieces (mine is 12 x 12″) presented me with a real challenge. I never thought small was my strength.  In an earlier post, I showed one of the small pieces that I decided not to use, so today, with the exhibit opening tonight, it only seems right to show the one that I finally sent.


The High Note is 12 inches x 12 inches, and is composed of two layers. The underlayer is a conventionally quilted computer-printed photograph on silk of a part of a painting I did in my Basin, Montana oils. The overlayer is a hand-dyed sheer, sewn on the top and left side at the edges of the piece,  computer printed with the image of birds in a tree.

Here’s another view with the sheer pulled up so the underside is visible:

finefocushighnotedetailwIt was fun to work in this size and with this kind of challenge. Transferring across media, from oil to textile and photography to sheer, gave me a thrill. I’m fascinated with what can and can’t work in these kinds of cross-fertilizations.

I won’t be able to get to Coos Bay this year, but if you can get there, the Museum is the place to get to.


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10 Responses to New Focus at Coos Art Museum

  1. Jeri Oswalt says:

    I did get to see your piece in Coos Bay and you definately did get it right.

    I know it isn’t just down the street but I really would encourage everyone to go who can. We took I – 5 south then went across through Drain. It really wasn’t bad.

    It is so unusual to see so much fiber together and treated so well. At least do go to the CAM website and look at the pictures.


  2. sionwyn says:

    I love this, June!


  3. rachel says:

    Stunning! what a lovely effect.


  4. June says:

    Thanks, all, for the kind words. I have left two sides of the sheer hanging loose, Ann, because I wanted that bit of depth, but I didn’t want the wafting and floating look you get when three sides are loose. I haven’t seen it in a public setting, so I can only hope that I got it relatively right.

    And Terry, you are right — it’s a long trip, in bad weather. I’m glad, this Saturday evening with snow in the forecast, that I decided to stay at home.


  5. terry grant says:

    I keep being tempted to go see the shows in Coos Bay right now. I’ll bet they are really good and I love that little museum. Then I remember how godawful long that trip is, especially in the winter. Your piece is so lovely and such a good solution for using the print of the painting. I will just have to imagine it hanging out in good company down there.


  6. Kay Sorensen says:

    Knowing when to add and when to stop is a gift.
    And you certainly have that gift.
    What a womderful finished work of art.
    Kay Sorensen


  7. Del says:

    Greeat work, June. I do love this piece and the name is perfect, Congratulations! Price? Love, Del


  8. Ann Flaherty says:

    June….I love it! What ingenious use of photos in fiber. I so wish I could see it in person. Are you leaving the sheer piece loose, or will it be stitched down around all four sides?
    Wonderful…thanks for sharing.


  9. Jamie Fingal says:

    what a tremendous effect the chiffon pieces gives the quilted piece. I love the added texture from stone house. Beautiful piece.


  10. Katy S says:

    June, this is an incredible piece! Wow! It is beautiful and I wish I could see it in person. Thanks for sharing.


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