Still Socked In


We do not live in Portland, Oregon, in order to endure Minnisota temperatures.  I’m just stating this as a fact. I’m not whining. Well, I’m not whining very much. Portland has accrued about 8 inches of snow and ice, with freezing rain, sleet, ice, and maybe more snow to come;  as one of our more astute friends observed, snow, sleet, hail, and weather events are less fun and more fraught as one gets older. I’m older.

Of course, I have a dentist appointment today, so I can take that cancellation as my consolation prize.

Here’s what I’ve been doing in my snug studio (far warmer than the drafty old house):


Holly and Hydrangea, oil on board, about 5 x 5″

snowpainting2Two Pots and the Forsythia, oil on board, 5 x 5″

And the most fun of all, after sweating over the picky problems of verisimilitude:

snowpaintingabstractNot Christmas, Oil on board, 18 x 24″

I daresay that the title of the piece above will change (as will the image itself — already I’m seeing things I want to do to it), but the colors are a result of the underpainting (now obliterated) and whatever was on the various palettes on which  I’ve been pushing color around for the last few days.

I am not going to show you the photos of snow that I took, although some are charming. I won’t display here the neighbor’s Christmas lights, although they warm the cockles of my heart. And I won’t even show you the photos of the studio, with all the stuff I’ve been working at these last few days. I’m reserving this last for desperate times. Stay tuned. –June

Oh yes, here’s a question: is it plein air painting if I sat inside but painted the scene out my studio window? Or do I have to call it something lesser, like “in situ?”

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