More Evidence of the Weather

I know, I know. On the 26th of December, one should be showing Christmas trees and loads of presents and happy children making snow angels — and the  snow by this time should be incidental.

Unfortunately, even Christmas day was snowy, icy, slushy, ridiculous. Oregon and Washington made it to NPR because of the lingering bad weather, which either means there was a lot of snow or not much news.

So, just to get it right:


Snow on SE Morrison — abandoned red car. With the roof rack, it looks like they were trying to go somewhere.

snowwhitecarstuckSnow on SE Main — abandoned white car. The fellow shoveling isn’t working on the white car — and the dog is oblivious.

snowwindshieldchainsCar in the driveway of Southeast Main — note the approved method used to protect windshield wipers from being destroyed by ice. Note also the chains on the wheel.

The chains are more evidence, of a different matter. Jer got the car cleared off, the locks unfrozen (using the hair dryer), and the chains on the tires, which he put on by lying on a towel in the snow. He reread all the manuals, backed out of the driveway, turned to go up the street and the front left chain came off. He backed up, got a running start from across the street, and slid his way back up the driveway. That car will sit there until the thaw. The remaining chain is evidence that he tried (although I think he snuck out later and removed it).

That’s our  Christmas story, along with Brazilian black bean soup and brown rice for dinner, and an attempt at a frozen flan for dessert. Also, champagne and chocolate and a long phone conversation with family. The kids live three miles up the road from us, and it might as well be 1000 miles. The iced ruts stopped even the most intrepid travelers from walking to southeast Main. They were having tamales for their dinner. –June

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One Response to More Evidence of the Weather

  1. Carla says:

    This is post makes me laugh because of your aptly described frustration. Let’s hope that the temperature will rise enough in the next couple of days to clear the roads and let you weary souls out.


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