Pine Creek Paintings, #8

I threw in an unnumbered set of paintings a day or two ago; good thing it was unnumbered. Two of the three need revisions. Which I’m working on.

But in the meantime, I thought I’d show a couple of different ways of handling trees and buildings.


Cammal General Store, 12 x 16″, oil on board. $100 unframed.

I paint a lot of urban-and-village scapes, and in general, they come off rather wonky. I have a theory about the way we see (which isn’t the way the camera sees) and I base much of those human-scapes on that theory. But with these paintings I am locked into the camera’s eye, so I am forced to think about how the painting can be individualized, moved away from photographic realism. After all, Charlie has already done the photographs; why would I want to simply repeat them?

In the Cammal General Store above, I have deliberately had the foliage encroaching on, about to devour, the store. The photo doesn’t show it exactly that way, but there are times, in deep summer, when I’m sure it feels like the trees lie heavy on the landscape.

But here’s a different way of handling trees which emphasizes the paint and the upward motion of the tree growth. This image is based, by permission, on a photo of Bill Yacovissi, from his website, Pine Creek Bike Rides:


Cedar Run Store and Inn, 12 x 16″, oil on board, 2009. $100 unframed.

Here the trees are climbing the mountain, expanding rather than encroaching. It’s a painting that has more breathing room to it. It also makes me feel as if the trees are in some ways keeping the buildings at bay, holding back from them. But that might just be a story I’m telling myself.

Anyway, the Cedar Run Store and Inn will be in the Purchase section of this blog, all proceeds going to a good cause. Just click on the Purchase link at the upper right hand menu. –June

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