Pine Creek Paintings #9 (or thereabouts)

I am heading into the last week of working, reworking, working yet again, and then adding a touch or two to these Pine Creek Valley paintings.

Today there’s one that I’ve already shown:


The Cedar Run Store and Inn, 12 x 16″, oil on board, $100. from a photo, with permission, by Bill Yacovissi

The earlier version of this painting did not include Bill’s van with his canoe nor the bicycle partly hidden behind the sign. I also brightened the tree in the Inn’s yard to  pick up the canoe’s color. The piece is still $100, all proceeds to the Permanent Scholarship Fund of the Class of 1960, to help students at Jersey Shore (Pennsylvania) High School.

And, look at the value — I’m throwing in my painting of the van, which alone, all by itself, should cost at least $2000…….

And here’s another new one, from one of Charlie’s photos that I liked a whole lot. We agreed that “Cold Serenity” was the right tone for the painting — certainly it was what the photo showed.

coldserenitywCold Serenity is a painting of the Little Pine Creek dam, is 12 x 16″, oil on board and $100, unframed.

I just ordered a bunch of new frames, by the way. The price on them has gone up from $15 to $20. Sigh. But I am prepared to frame these paintings for you, even as I whine about inflation.

So just let me know and we’ll negotiate. Other paintings of the Pine Creek Valley can be seen by clicking the “Purchase” link at the top right of this page. –June

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One Response to Pine Creek Paintings #9 (or thereabouts)

  1. Sheila says:

    These are great – you’re getting pretty good at this, June! 😉


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