I have long held that cameras do not do justice to reality. Normally I mutter things like “binocular vision, head tilt, attentiveness” to make my point. Today my point is merely that my camera does not describe the chaos that exists when one is packing.

I am packing for a residency in Back of Beyond in Beatty, Nevada. My photos don’t begin to show what one needs to go to Back of Beyond, even when it’s to a town of 1200 (a large number compared to Basin, Montana, last year, which had a population of 257).

But here are my feeble attempts to show the Old Night as well as the Chaos:


ready2Of course, the hardboard has to be gessoed, even though it’s already been. The desert light might require something other than blinding white as the starting point.


I’ve collected a few travel boxes to put wet paintings into — I can carry eleven 12 x 16″ wet paintings and three 18 x 24″ ones. I do need more boxes, but except for Hot Lips Pizza containers, it’s too late to get more now (and you thought I was taking pizza to Beatty!).

I’m taking a large gessoed canvas roll and hoping that I’ll be able to bring it back in its original packaging. The desert air is bound to dry the oils quickly, right?

Anyway, if I forget anything, there’s a Dick Blick in Las Vegas, just down the road a piece — 110 pieces, to be more precise. –June

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3 Responses to Packing

  1. jeaniedee says:

    I love best the flat work-surface with all the blue-focused paintings on the wall above. Next to portraiture, I love best summer colors: blue skies and blue water, greenery, and sunshine yellows.


    • jida says:

      All those paintings are or were of places in Portland — and many are still in my possession (and I’m still fond of them.) Interestingly enough we just had lunch with the woman who was one of the two Movers and Shakers at Goldwell, the artist residency where I spent 12 weeks (in two stints) in 2009; we talked fondly of that time, so long ago:-)


  2. Del says:

    I thought the pizza box represented “the old night”! Be safe. Stay well. Have a great time! I’ll be watching every day for your Beatty Blog! Love – Del


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