More fodder for critiqueing

I had another critique on Tuesday night. I took these paintings with me, as well as the muddled mess I managed to muck up the other day.


Night Palisades, 18 x 24″ Oil on hardboard.

I seem to be on a roll with the iron-red verticals; they do remind me of the palisade country of John Day.

johndaycountry1w1John Day Country, 36 x 34″, Oil on canvas

I actually started this thinking about a Google satellite view of this part of eastern Oregon. It quickly morphed into something else. Note the red verticals — like I said….

This one seems more like a dream-country than an abstract, but it really doesn’t represent any reality except what’s in my head. –June

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One Response to More fodder for critiqueing

  1. Del says:

    Oh dear, I hope you made it over the mountains. It is raining here in SCalifornia this morning, although the predictors said not until this evening. I did another trip to Visions yesterday, today I’ll drive w/a friend to Hemet for a quilt show and tomorrow to the local (Bowers) Museum for an exhibit of antique quilts. Will the fun never stop? Today is definitely a crawl-in-bed-w/a-book sort of day. But my mad social life demands I hit the road. Keep in touch! Love, Del


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