Travel Advisory, Barstow, California

The last day out, in Barstow California. We are definitely in the desert. The sun shines — blasts, glares, warms, gladdens — here.

Some reasons why we welcomed the sun:

snowsiskyousA scene from day 2, on I-5 in the Siskiyou Mountains in Oregon. Dry road here, but just behind us, it was traction devices, winter storm warning, and passes being closed. We smiled as we dropped south — into this:

raincloudsdropsThe photos was taken through the windshield, and the drops are rain.

We ran through a large number of rain storms, moving east as we moved south. At one point we saw the quintessential sign of a good trip:

rainbowAlso the quintessential signs of American road travel — car detritus all round. After staying in the rain in Redding and stopping in the rain in Chowchilla, California, we woke today to sunshine, which stayed with us through the Techapi Pass and down into Barstow where we are this evening. It was warm enough for me to plant myself on a square of grass next to the car and spend a couple hours painting the following sunny scene.

pleinairviewbarstowThe scene is the usual unprepossessing road view, and the camera, as usual doesn’t even see what little good there is to dote on. The pedestrian crossing sign made me guffaw; the specks on the highway are undoubtedly pedestrians who believed the sign. The motel is located at the off-ramp of I-15 and the on-ramp of I-40, and  just beyond this intersection begins a highway where autos believe they need to go really really fast to avoid the menace of pedestrians.

I actually crossed this crazy batch of exit, entrance and through roads, hoping to set up my easel at the trees across the way. I came to my senses when I was almost mowed down. I went back to my little grass square, bumped up the mountains in the distance in my sketch, kept the ped crossing sign and the almost dead palms, and painted a cerulean blue sky — gorgeous. Well, the sky is, anyway. –June

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