Shining thing on wall #2


From Jay Hoffman — Jer

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4 Responses to Shining thing on wall #2

  1. Jay Hoffman says:



    You might check in with sign companies. They often have cutoffs.


  2. Sheila says:


    Thanks for the info. Perhaps I need to make friends with a local plastic fabricator myself. Some of those are so beautiful, and the washer-like ones would be easy to attach to a quilt – my preferred media.

    You capture some great still-lifes, btw. I always enjoy it when Jer shares your work.


  3. Jay Hoffman says:


    First, my thanks to Jer for putting the Shining Thing (have to be careful how one labels files as the labels may pop up unexpectedly). The circles wouldn’t be if I had to have made them. I frequent a plastic fabricator who maintains a cutoff section – a veritable garage sale featuring all manner of lucite and lexan – and there the circles were. As you can see, some are rather garish.


  4. Sheila says:

    And here my first thought was that June had found some cool things to add to her artwork/inspiration for said artwork! I want some of those circles.


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