Scenery to intimidate

I’m not easily intimidated — or at least I usually bluster my way through and pretend to be cool. But this scenery astounds me. Unlike John Day, there are no tidily named places that the Park Service designated for me to paint. I don’t even have staff people to wring suggestions from. I am On My Own — and quivering a bit at the thought.


In addition, I have lots of space to fill up — this may be both the good news and the bad:


This is my studio at the Red Barn (at the Goldwell Open Air Museum Residency). The framed works on the walls are on exhibit (but not open to the public until the weekend). They will be gone by Sunday, and then I’m really on my own. Leaning against the wall at the far back are 3 skinchy paintings I did on the road. Once they’ve been touched up, I’ll show them. I also did a landscape painting on Day 3 of the residency (on Feb 18). It was warmer outside than in, and with the sun cozying up to my back, I felt like I could tackle at least one scene:


South from Red Barn, 12 x 16, oil on hardboard, 2009, Feb 18.

The landscape is a lot bigger than this shows, even if you don’t turn your head.

redbarnfromrhyolitewThat speck with the blue roof is the Red Barn, where my studio is located. –June

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6 Responses to Scenery to intimidate

  1. noactive says:

    Scenery to intimidate .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.


  2. Willa says:

    South from Red Barn is a wonderful painting, June. I’m envious. A road trip would be perfect just about now. – Willa


  3. sion says:

    (heh oops, socsto is me – I didn’t realise I was logged in under that account, created it to set up some stuff for a completely unrelated group)


  4. terry grant says:

    What a lovely painting! Not one of your writhing landscapes, but one quite spacious and atmospheric. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


  5. June says:

    Hi, hi,

    Thanks for checking in. The residency will last 6 weeks, so I have some time to get used to the scene — if that’s possible. Anyway, hopefully more painting will be coming along — it’s all there is to do here besides nap in the sun.


  6. socsto says:

    “South from Red Barn” is lovely, June. I missed that you were off to a residency, somehow, thought you were just off on an escapade … excellent, hope you have a marvellously productive & interesting time.


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