Late but still here

I’m late today in putting up this blog. Time seems to have less starts and stops to it in unfamiliar territory and interestingly intense schedules. So it’s Sunday morning, we’ve gotten the Las Vegas Review-Journal from the Rebel Gas Station, I’ve checked the Pahrump Valley Times for its opinions and local news, and breakfast has been eaten. All you wanted to  know and more, I’m sure.

Here’s a photo from yesterday’s adventures to the west. My painting went well but the photos of the paintings aren’t any good, so I thought I’d show you a couple of views.


The Bonanza Mountain Backside, with its mining pyramid. Bonanza Mountain as you see it from the Red Barn Studio, looks intact. But driving west on the gravel road outside the barn, we suddenly found ourselves in other landscape.

desertbloom2day13wThe bloom of the little viola-looking plant whose name I would dearly love to know

day13baremtslightw1The waning light on the Bare Mountains, about 4:30 PM. It was an overcast day, so the evening light is cool rather than warm. And I have a photo without the speed sign, but I liked it too much to use the more romanticized version. This could become  a painting, donchaknow.–June

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One Response to Late but still here

  1. terry grant says:

    What spectacular country! Those snowy blue mountains look like something made up. Did I mention that you might want to check out the Valley of Fire State Park near Las Vegas. It is surreal, and the Native American petroglyphs are quite amazing.


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