Miscellaneous from Beatty, NV, at the corner of Main and Second

Ah, it turned warm Tuesday. Even the  blowing wind was pleasant. It snatched at my hat, but not at my brush.

But while I painted hard, no photos of the work are available. I’m playing with June’s Map of Beatty, March 2009, and with another version of Shorty’s Rebellion. I went downtown , to the main corner (Main and Main, although it’s really Main and 2nd), where I painted the Exchange Club building pleine aire — painted it again, I should say, having over-painted the last attempt. This time I included other buildings on down the street and the marvelously garish gold and red arch, said to be from the Silver Slipper in Vegas, that says “Free Parking.”


exchangeclubfreeparkingwThis last photo is the camera’s view of something of what I got painted. All the signs will need tweaking when the paint dries a bit. This is the corner where the road to Death Valley, and route 95, the main north-south road from Reno to Las Vegas, converge. It’s a pretty impressive place to paint from — a bit like painting under the I-5 Freeway in Northwest Portland.

Well, only a bit — but all the traffic in Beatty comes through here, including huge trucks that all the other vehicles give way to as they groan themselves around the corner. Everyone stops carefully at the stop sign. Beatty has a low speed limit for quite a ways through town, and they really mean it. Even the most reckless local drivers slow way down when they get to the outskirts. This is good for adult pedestrians, small children, and animals. And painters, pulling carts. –June

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