Our Town

I (mentally) promised Willa a while back I’d show a bit of the place we have been inhabiting for the last 5 weeks. So here’s the photo tour of Beatty, from the U-wood perspective:

An overview of the town:beattylaidoutwNote that nice mountain — it became a real touchstone for me.

Below — the main intersection of town with the former Exchange Club Bar and Casino, now Lou’s Hardware; the second photo is of the only bank in town:


beattybankofamericawI am particularly fond of the bank, since it’s housed in this little cottage, at the busiest corner of town. It’s size and modest demeanor seem just about right — a bank which knows its place. It also has the ATM machine that keeps us going.

Below is the Phoenix Inn, where we stayed the first night. It’s just up the street from the Goldwell House, our house (at least temporarily), and we walk by it all the time. It may be the most stylish place in town; it certainly has the most colorful desk clerks, all of them old codgers who have had to figure out how to use the computerized keycard system. Many a tourist has been won over by these guys struggling with the keyboard.


The Phoenix Inn is being renovated and is a bit erratic in its amenities. But its charms way outweigh any drawbacks. And it isn’t part of the town take-over by a Casino owner who seems determined to buy out every business in the town. So we’re fond of it in a number of ways.

Just down First Street a block or so is Valley, and we live at the corner of First and Valley. This is the view you see when you turn the corner. It’s the Amargosa River,  precious to body and soul in this climate. The Amargosa  hides itself underground for most of its length. So we feel honored to have it above ground, just half a block away, at the end of our street.

beattyouramargosawThe hills rising above the river compose Beatty Mountain, which you saw in the distant photo. And here’s our digs, the Goldwell House, which also has the lovely mountain guarding it.

beattygoldwellhousewInside the house it’s just plain comfortable. But the most important, and most used area can be seen in the photo below. The photo also includes the most important character in the house.

beattyjercomputerwYou have to imagine me sitting at my computer, just around the corner from Jer. We save some space to eat on, but sometimes the eating takes place at the computer. –June

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4 Responses to Our Town

  1. Del says:

    June – Larry Shine is Corky’s grandpa. He and Annabelle live in LHc, but Larry’s father was somewhat of a desert rat and left Larry property in Beatty. I have no idea what property he owns, but I know he visits Beatty occasionally. So, I sent him the URL for your “Our Town” post. Del


  2. Willa says:

    Thank you, June. It’s so important to put someone in their place. – Willa


  3. june says:

    Thanks, Larry. Do we know you?


  4. Larry L. Shine says:

    What a great report. Thank you


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