Elk Rock Gardens at the Bishop’s Close

The Bishop’s Close is a manor house and extensive gardens owned by the Episopalian Church. It was donated to the church by the daughters of the original owners, with the stipulation that the gardens be opened to the public. It’s where I have painted a few times, and last weekend, after the big rainstorm, friends from Corvallis and Jer and I went back to the Garden. The rains had pretty much destroyed the crop of blooms that Jane and I had painted around the week before, but there were still treasures to be observed. And more blooms are budding, ready to explode.



bishopsClosePondLiliesWe were particularly taken by the goldfish pond, with its groomed lily pads, occasional flower and flowing goldfish. The reflections of the sky, foliage and fuschia were fascinating. –June

Oh, and the tree with the wonderful bark that we agreed was a sycamore, isn’t a sycamore at all:

StewartiaPseudocamelliaWAnd its blossoms, many of which were strewn in our path from the downpour, are like camillias:


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One Response to Elk Rock Gardens at the Bishop’s Close

  1. Mike Thomsen says:

    Striking picture of bright orange carp. At first glance, the background of blue sky and green leaves made the fish appear to be airborne!


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