East Portland Branch, Public Library, more paintings

Nah, I’m not done with the East Portland Branch yet. Although I’m getting closer to the more fanciful, more fun (and bigger) one that might contain something more of what’s in my head and less of what I see before me.

For my own thinking processes, I needed to paint the full front facade, which couldn’t be done plein air, because the full front facade is mostly covered by trees. So I hauled out a photo that I took last fall and painted from it. I haven’t put on the autumn leaves yet (far fewer than the summer ones) but at least the front is exposed.

EastBranchPdxPhotodraft2WI also discovered something quite weird about the facade which will be revealed at a future time. It’s a strange phenomenon that deserves full exposure. This is the front facade as it looks in winter (before snow but after leaf fall)

After working on the one above a while, I went back and finished out the plein air work: it took me a couple of days. I can paint an 18 x 24 inch board in 4 hours. I can paint a 12 x 16 inch board in 4 hours. But I can’t paint a 12 x 16 inch board in much less than 4 hours. Somehow that doesn’t compute, but there it is. And after 4 hours in 90 degree heat, I go home. And stay there until the next day, rehydrating.

EastBranchPortlandPublicLibThis is the front facade as it looks in July.

eastBranchPdxSideCroppedWAnd this is a July side view, painted from the sidewalk close to the building. All these paintings are oil on board. The Full Front from a photo is 18 x 24 inches, and the other two are 12 x 16″.

The photos of the paintings were taken in my studio when the sun was blasting in the windows from the west. Not a good time to photograph — hard to keep them from getting washed out, glarey, or showing wet oil paint shining like pimples. But this will give you some idea. –June

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