The Little Yellow Truck

The incongruities of existence sometimes can’t be ignored. Hence the following photo:

yellowTruckOur son-in-law dropped by the other day in the little yellow truck, which was subsequently high-pooh-bahed by the creature in front of it.

The little yellow truck used to be the little red truck. As such, it was my car, and I drove much of Kansas in it — no air-conditioning, but a tape player which bellowed opera as I drove those isolated western Kansas highways . I drove it in my polly-professor clothes and in my Wyoming blue jeans. I felt tough in it and was proud when one of my Kansas English department colleagues remarked that he couldn’t believe that that was my mode of travel. Always good to confuse the natives.

It’s a 1982 Datsun. It was red when we moved to Portland, got painted yellow by my ex-son-in-law after I gave it to my daughter. And now she’s “loaned” it to her current housemate, who, working in construction, finds it a perfect vehicle for his lifestyle. It has a sweet little horn toot (Rick passed me yesterday near the Belmont Library and said “hi” with the horn) and runs beautifully. It still has no air-conditioning, the tape player died long ago, the body is getting close to serious rust-out, one of the doors can’t be opened from the inside, and riding in it rattles your eyeteeth. And yet it still runs and runs in the family.

And puts the monstrosity in front of it to shame. –June

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2 Responses to The Little Yellow Truck

  1. Sheila says:

    Oh too funny! Reminds me of the little Datsun pickup my dad bought us when we were first married. It was bothering him that our only mode of transportation was a motorcycle or the bus…

    Our mid-70’s version, however, was not as reliable as your later model. It was used when we got it and within a couple of years it developed some major hick-ups. We traded it in on a little Honda Civic which serviced us well until we became a 2-dog family…too much growling coming out of the cramped space in the back!


  2. Carla says:

    And, you do not need a three step stepladder to get into either.


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