An Announcement

Mr Jerry and Ms June Underwood

Announce the Wedding of their Daughter

Jan Marie Underwood


Rick Craycraft


Bloomsday,  June 16th,  2009

at the

Pima,  Arizona,  County Courthouse

In attendance was Margaret Craycraft,  mother of the groom,  and David Craycraft,  brother of the groom.

Ms. Underwood wore [what looked like] a silk brocade dress with tiny straps and no shoes [two different stories on the bare feet].

Mr.  Craycraft was in his favorite Hawaiian shirt.

The pair will reside in Portland Oregon, where Ms. Underwood is head of the Spanish Department at the Cascade Campus of Portland Community College, and Mr. Craycraft is a woodworker with Heller Construction.

The new bride and groom were honored at a family occasion at the home of the bride’s parents in Portland.



And no,  we didn’t know about it until they returned from their “camping” trip;  we got the announcement via an email which included a list of 37 things seen and done on the trip:  viz:  4 squirrels seen,  5 cats petted, one proposal of marriage accepted,  two mountains climbed,  etc. etc.,  and finally,  one wedding at the Pima County Courthouse.  This would not have been acceptable in the best of regulated circles,  so it’s good that we aren’t (either best nor regulated).

They got married just one day before Margaret’s 90th birthday, in a surprise gift to her,  and for that,  we  all feel blessed.

Rick, by the way, was responsible for honchoing of June’s painting studio.  In that regard, June and Jer were definitely blessed.  So welcome,  Rick,  to the U-wood family;  you always were welcome but now you are legally a responsable.

–June & Jer

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5 Responses to An Announcement

  1. Jay Hoffman says:

    June and Jer:

    Jeez! That’s all that I can figure to say. Congratulations to the married couple is definitely another. And please pass our best wishes to the newlyweds.


  2. June says:

    Thanks, guys.

    After 45 or so years, taking it in stride becomes sort of automatic. We didn’t learn of the trip to the war zone in Nicaragua until about 10 years after the fact. So this was easier to take — in some ways.

    And definitely misty-eyed — even just writing the blog. Jan’s our only child, and so it’s a bit difficult to be too sardonic. We knew they were circling whether to get married, but we were totally unaware that this was the time. Having it for Margaret’s birthday made perfect sense, though, and made us proud parents once more. Seemed like the kindest thing we could have thought of. Jan’s kid says it’s lots easier to talk about his “stepfather” than his mother’s “boyfriend.” –fsnorten– (which is my new -snort-, thanks to Del.


  3. Sheila says:

    Oh, my – you are good parents to take news like this in stride! Have to admit, a great time and money saver all around…congrats to all!


  4. joan says:

    Oooh, I’m all misty-eyed. Congratulations to all!


  5. Del Thomas says:

    Best of luck and loving to the newlyweds. I think that was a great way to get married. Floyd and I were married in the Orange County courthouse with only the two witnesses. Then we had a wedding lunch at a nearby restaurant and invited a few good friends. Much better than a formal wedding – I’ve had both.


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