Progress and a Correction

I am making good progress on the radical revising of Mrs. Willard and Mr. Bones (AKA Les Jeux Sont Faits). In fact, the progress has been so good and the radical change so brilliant (literally as well as figuratively) that I am not going to show the final piece on the blog until I see if I can get it accepted at an exhibit somewhere.

Here’s the Original:

LesJeuxFixedYahooAnd here’s a piece of the original cropped from the photo above:

RibsinWhiteWAnd here’s a cropped piece from Les Jeux Sont Faits as it currently exists:

RibswithOrangewDetails from Les Jeux Sont Fait, about 64 x 81″, 2003, 2009, hand-painted whole cloth cotton, machine stitched.

The orange color was suggested by Bruce Osen; other changes have occurred to simplify (as well as color) the background and punch up the main elements. I’m still working but it’s really on its way to being finished.

Oh yes, the Correction: Rick Craycraft, our old friend and new son-in-law, is a remodeler (while he is definitely a dynamite woodworker, that isn’t his working title), and he runs his remodeling business under the name of Can o’ Worms Remodeling. We got to know him well when he was working with Lily Heller of Heller Construction in remodeling the garage; in fact, he was the main “contractor” personage on that job, although Lily was the engineer. In fact, they both worked on every part of it, although Rick did a lot of the initial tear-down. ” “Can O’ Worms” is a pretty good description of what happens when you start to remodel 100 years old houses and garages, as we can personally testify.  — June

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One Response to Progress and a Correction

  1. Sheila says:

    Yeah for progress…you tease! vbg


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