Amargosa Desert, Still Painting

I keep working on the largish canvas of the Amargosa Desert valley, outside of Beatty, Nevada. I started the canvas in Nevada, using very thin paint, so it would dry in time to roll it to take home to Portland. Then I worked up Draft 2:


Thinking about the void that is the desert and how to depict it and reading William L. Fox and conferring with various artists who were willing to give me their notions, I’ve now got Draft 3:


I feel that this one has more shapliness to it, so it is agreeable as a painting as well as an idea. Here’s a detail:

amargosaPlaya3DetailI’m not sure it’s done yet, but I have to let it sit for a while before I tackle it again. Luckily the weather is hot and dry, so it may dry enough that I can do some glazing. The top of the whole painting is rather over-exposed, due to bad lighting when I photographed it. I think in real life, it isn’t so light in value and may need tamed by some painted dimming and bluing to look more like the photograph. We’ll see. As usual, I keep tinkering.  –June

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