Mt Tabor Celebration Paintings: Thursday

Painting on Thursday went slower than usual. Poor Jer, whom I was to meet at a particular time, thought maybe a bear on Mt. Tabor had eaten me — or at least scared me back to the dog run. But no, I was just slow getting down the hill to the parking lot.

My morning started with me dragging the cart up the hill, beyond the gate where no cars are allowed. Halfway to the top, I saw the sun hitting a tree. Irresistible.

MtTaborCelebrartion#8MorninMt. Tabor Celebration #8, Morning Sun, 12 x 16″, Oil on board, 2009

Then, when I couldn’t see this any longer (and the sun was beating down on my head, having moved higher in the sky) I went on up the road to the top, where Mr Scott’s statue stands a-pointing:


Mt. Tabor Celebration #9: Harvey Scott and Thistles, 12 x 16″, oil on board, 2009

There was also the most beautiful batch of thistles right behind my behind; they kept biting me. So I decided they should accompany Mr. Scott in giving us advice.

Friday, I spent all day getting things finished up and ready to hang, labels, forms, etc. Because I am in both exhibits, I had 10 paintings to sort out. I eliminated one new one and substituted an older plein air from Mt Tabor for the juried exhibit. The unjuried exhibit is to be only of paintings done this week. So I fussed and sorted and took up the entire day, just as I knew I would. (Of course, I had my afternoon nap and nice dinner and a glass of wine and visits with neighbors — the usual parts of the day intertwined with the prep for the exhibit).

So today, Saturday, I will be demo-ing at the park near the rest rooms and picnic/play area, where the tents with the paintings will also be set up. I’m not sure exactly where I will be. I expect someone will point me to a spot when I arrive with my gear. I’d love to find the London plane trees that are in that area, but they are a bit further from the main event than I believe the demo will take place. No matter — I think I’ll find some tree somewhere that calls my name. See you there — hope you can make it. –June

By the way, I found this paragraph in a history of Oregon Newspapers:

Oregon’s early newspapers reflected the strong political positions commonly held by newspapers. One of the most noted of the outspoken publishers was Abigail Scott Duniway, a campaigner for women’s rights. Duniway’s brother, Harvey Scott, was editor of the Oregonian and promoted a conservative agenda. To publicize her opposition to Scott, Duniway started her own paper, the New Northwest, in 1871 and was instrumental in the 1912 passage of voting rights for Oregon women. Duniway was the first woman to register, and the first woman to cast a vote in an Oregon election, eight years before women gained the right to vote nationwide.

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