Sheila’s Hydrangeas: the Challenge

Sheila Barnes came a-visiting this summer, and in a mellow moment, after we had lunched and chatted and giggled and commiserated, we thought we needed to have some sort of “challenge” to keep us up to snuff. And so, we decided to exchange images of work, out of which we would generate new works — she in stitched textiles, I in paint.

Sheila’s working on hers and I think I may have finished mine (painting is more instantly gratifying — no edges to bind).

A few weeks ago, I posted a sneak preview of part of the painting:

SheilasHydrangeasDetailWI rather liked this detail, but the whole thing didn’t work as well:


I was working off the colors in Sheila’s piece, even though they weren’t “local” (ie true) to the colors of the hydrangeaa in my yard — or perhaps anyone’s yard. I’m not sure I ever saw a cadmium red hydrangea. But that didn’t bother me; it was something about the composition that annoyed me. I think I needed a square board, but we had agreed upon the 12 x 16″ format (my choice, I suspect) so I couldn’t go back on that. Something else had to be done.

So draft 2 looks like this:


Far more quilterly, I have to admit.

This is Sheila’s piece, a copy of which I printed on good paper and hung on my easel while I painted: Hers in horizontal and mine vertical, although I did try turning it horizontal. It definitely has a direction, so that didn’t work. And since we hadn’t discussed orientation……. (“No one told me not to eat the daisies….”)

azalea mosaic5-09

Sheila Barnes, Azalea Mosaic 5:  Slippery Slope, Stitched textile, 12 x 16″, 2009


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One Response to Sheila’s Hydrangeas: the Challenge

  1. Sheila says:

    Hey, June, my response to your painting Sunbreaks at Bishop’s Close is now on my blog:

    I’ll e-mail a picture after I actually sew the binding on…


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