From the Diamond Grade: 3 & 4 Plus

Here’s further pieces of the panorama from the Diamond Grade in Diamond Oregon (see previous post for fuller explanation).

diamPan3autoWFrom the Diamond Grade, 3, 16 x 12″, oil on masonite, 2009

diamPan4LevelsWFrom the Diamond Grade, 4, 16 x 12″, Oil on masonite, 2009

Here are these two panels joined:


From the Diamond Grade, 3 & 4, each 12 x 16″ (32 inches of painting total), Oil on masonite, 2009

If you continue past the signature, you can see paintings 1 through 4 as the panorama progresses, from east to south, from early to mid-day. –June


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5 Responses to From the Diamond Grade: 3 & 4 Plus

  1. June says:

    Thanks, Dijanne, the shadows were authentically documented — crack of dawn stuff. The evening ones (the last one not yet shown) are less stark because I couldn’t bring myself to miss dinner at 6:30. The meals tended to go on until 9 or 10 (I gained a couple of pounds just from 3 dinners) so I had to leave the site at 5:30 to get home in time to shower. Some sacrifices can’t be made, even for art.

    Thanks for checking in.


  2. Dijanne says:

    Hi june

    I love th shadows in these panormamas- creates a really rich dynamic!


  3. june says:

    Thanks Gerrie and Del,

    Del, the full panorama is 16″ x 7 panels, which works out to 112″ — about 9 and 1/3 feet — without spacing. I have spaced them because I like making the viewer make the connections — they really do line up almost perfectly (I worked hard at that), but the spacing has a different effect. (My take was validated by the folks at the workshop who saw it spaced and unspaced, and agreed). I’m not sure the amount of space is crucial, but it takes about a 12 foot wall to get it all in.

    Eventually, I’ll publish the whole thing as well as different parts of it than I’m showing here. Jer has “allowed” me to take over the blog until I’ve finished showing this project.


  4. Del Thomas says:

    WOW! Really, really great – I love them. If they were quilts I would have my checkbook out. Is my math correct – w/o spacing the panarama would be 64″ wide? I can just imagine this on a wall with room to step back and admire it. Love, Del


  5. Gerrie says:

    OMG! June these are wonderful. I love the panorama created by the 4 paintings.


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