Oil Paintings, Various

Jan and I painted on Sunday. At the rate at which we put paint on canvas, we’ll be working on these two “hot” paintings in 2010. Of course, we keep redefining Lucia (Salemme’s) definition of “hot.”

Here’s Jan’s:JanMidwaySept20WIt’s pretty hot as colors go, but I persuaded her she needed to use alizarin crimson, the cool red, to achieve the raspberry color she loves so well. It’s hot, anyway, in spite of going outside Lucia’s crayon box.

Mine is another mountain range in Death Valley, from one of my photos; as is obvious, I got stuck working in the middle and forefront. But there’s always next week:

DeathValleyRangeMidwayWIt’s not as hot as Jan’s but then neither am I <snort>  I’ll try warming up those sage brushes next time we paint together.

The paintings above are both oil on canvas, about 20 x 30, I think.

Another painting I think is about finished is a smaller one, done from my recollection of the autumnal sun setting on the Siletz Bay Wildlife Refuge. I wasn’t looking at a photo or any such, just thinking about the effect of the color and light:


Siletz Bay Abstract, 12 x 16″, oil on board, 2009

I turned it upside down when I was Photoshopping it, and I think it works better. But there’s still a hinge about 2/3rds of the way down that needs fixed. Sigh. Nothing ever really gets done until it gets removed from my sight. But at least I’m back to painting. –June

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2 Responses to Oil Paintings, Various

  1. Beautiful colors, keep up the good work!


  2. Diane Elizabeth says:

    I wouldn’t give Jan a lot of credit for that fabulous painting. Afterall, you produced her!


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