Too Much Art (Can it be?)

For perhaps the first time in four years, I find myself having trouble writing a blog– I have no images or words about autumn, about poetry, about art.

It isn’t that I haven’t been around art. The problem is too much material, too few photos, too many ideas. Too much that swirls and bumps and clatters in my head.

“Sloppy Craft:” the panel at the Pacific Northwest College of Art:

This is the single photo I took:


I have extensive notes and when I get  ’roundtuit and recover from the weekend’s art binge, I’ll try to expand on what I heard about Sloppy Craft. I found the discussion fascinating, and because I was totally engrossed, I forgot to photograph anything.

That was Saturday. On sunday our quarterly art critique meeting was held. 4 couples meet to eat, greet and critique. Jer and I hosted this meeting. The chicken marbella was bit dry but the potential was obvious (it smelled heavenly). It would have been much better if we hadn’t been standing in my studio discussing my art as the chicken got past done.

But the after-brunch discussion of six people’s visual and verbal art was excellent, and of course I forgot to photograph anything but the work of Tad, who always astounds by the variety he brings to the discussion.

too5Paintings, sculpture, historical sketches from imaginary scenes for a movie, and figure drawings — all are part of Tad’s output. Here you can see a bit of the computer he was using to show us his sketches, which he’s hoping can be incorporated into a documentary. And I thought he might be the most conservative artist among us. Using the computer to create imagery to be used in a video is a shocking development, but just exactly as we have come to expect from his energy and enthusiasm.

Everyone else showed good work, work that we’ve come to see as following a path that keeps moving us along on our art journeys. We are all beyond the stage of thinking we’ll make a big splash; but we are definitely into the pursuit of our art, as far as we can get it to carry us. But the path is so fascinating, the people make such interesting art, that I forgot to photograph any more than this:



I didn’t show any textiles-as-art, although my thread collection appears very nicely in the background. –June

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4 Responses to Too Much Art (Can it be?)

  1. margaret says:

    “too much material, too few photos, too many ideas” – yes indeedy, many of us can relate to that!!


  2. June says:

    Depends on what you are offering…..

    I’m kind of looking for a chore-boy to help me paint ten foot canvases — if you have any of those, the thread could easily migrate your way. Oh, I forgot — the c-boy has to follow us to Nevada. But that’s a minor detail


  3. Gerrie says:

    Can I have your thread if you are done with it? LOL!


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